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Burlo Pet Services has been in the pet food market for 20 years. We focus on products that are unique, but also offer superior nutrition, are made in the USA, and offer competitive price points.

Our experience with servicing a specific market provides us with many advantages compared to other distributors. By keeping our distribution network relatively small, we are able to provide more of a personal service to each customer. This allows us to focus more on educating our retailers and consulting with them on where each product line fits in their stores. Many of the companies we work with are our friends. We’ve worked with our current brands and retailers for many years, developing relationships, watching their product lines expand and assisting with their business sales growth.

We Aim to Please

Our goal is simple; to provide the best products and service we can to our most beloved family members. For more information on becoming a partner with Burlo Pet Services and our team, please contact us today!